The first App/catalog dedicated to contemporary artists from around the world . it has never been so easy to consult an Art catalog. From the cover , which is reserved to the featured artists, you can go to the alphabetical listing that allows you to reach the desired artist’s page that is presented with the profile picture , email address , phone number, major exhibitions and a biographic- critical description. Images of the works are easily available starting from 16- thumbnail display of great readability, to entering with simple commands which Apple has accustomed us to , as well as an enlarged or detailed consultation of the works . The sharing of images, with the major social networks is very fluid, and it is just as easy as sharing via email. Fans and collectors will create their own Artportfolio with the ease of a light touch on the star of favorites. The personal portfolio and the portfolio of individual artists can be played automatically in silence or with the musical accompaniment of your choice. In addition … Many surprises await you along with the masterpieces of contemporary art!